DelFrescoPure®'s Carl Mastronardi and CubicFarm System's Neville Sinclair Discuss Living Cube™

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Wed. April 3rd, 2019 - by Anne Allen

ORLANDO, FL - Ag tech is the wave of the future, and perhaps no one better recognizes this than DelFrescoPure®. The greenhouse grower continues to wow the industry with its latest products, and I was privy to one such product at this year’s Southern Exposure! To learn more, I spoke with Carl Mastronardi, President, DelFrescoPure, and Neville Sinclair of CubicFarm Systems.

Neville Sinclair, CubicFarm Systems“We took vertical farming to a new level,” Neville began. “We have a system where the produce is passed by a set of lights. Within a few weeks, the process is completed, and a harvest takes place.”

CubicFarm Systems Living Cube Growing System

Within the CubicFarm, DelFrescoPure is able to produce microgreens in a sterile environment—no soil, no contamination, no insects, and no pesticides.

DelFrescoPure Living Cube Varieties - Butter Lettuce, Merlot Leafy Greens, Romain Lettuce, Spring - Romain and Leafy Greens, and Trio Blend - Leafy Greens

Carl Mastronardi, President, DelFrescoPure“We decided to go with this system because it’s such an innovative system, and it’s such a consistent system,” said Carl.

Once consumers purchase the lettuce, they can either take it home to continue to grow on their counter, or put it in the fridge, where it will stop growing immediately. Talk about the future!

For more, watch our brief video interview above.