Dulcinea's Steve Dabich Discusses the Growth of PureHeart® Mini-Seedless Watermelons for 2016

Mon. October 26th, 2015
- by Christofer Oberst     

LADERA RANCH, CA – Dulcinea is continuing to grow the PureHeart® mini-seedless watermelon category year over year, with an 8 percent increase in volume projected for 2016.

Described as “perfectly sweet and delicious,” Dulcinea’s PureHeart® mini-seedless watermelon program has enjoyed a successful season with nice yields and even greater demand.

Dulcinea's PureHeart® Mini-Seedless Watermelon

Steve Dabich, Dulcinea’s Vice President of Sales, tells me that he’s looking forward to seeing the category grow even further in the years to come.

Steve Dabich, Vice President of Sales, Dulcinea“We feel great about our accomplishments,” he said. “The season as a whole has been good and we’re looking at an eight percent increase in 2016. We have had good supply this year, positive consumer feedback on quality, and demand has been great!”

Supply is currently being shipped from the Hermosillo, Mexico region and will continue until around December 1st.

With Halloween just days away, Dulcinea has also been promoting its “Save a Pumpkin, Carve a Watermelon” campaign throughout the month of October to further entice consumers to choose watermelons this holiday.

Dulcinea's PureHeart® Mini-Seedless Watermelon

“We came up with the idea to inspire the younger generation to eat healthy,” explained Dabich. “In addition, we see pumpkins decorating lots of store space, so the idea is to have bigger displays in the month of October that you can carve and eat.”   

Though the month may be winding down, there’s still no better time than now to promote this year-round watermelon. Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow as we continue to track Dulcinea’s melon season.