Eagle Eye Produce Highlights Rhett Ricks in Potato Grower Spotlight Video

Thu. October 15th, 2020 - by Chandler James

IDAHO FALLS, ID - Dedicated fresh produce growers are a rare breed, and Eagle Eye Produce happens to have some of the best in the business. The company recently released its latest addition to its series of Grower Spotlight videos, this time highlighting Eastern Idaho potato grower Rhett Ricks. Eager to learn more about this distinguished supply-side champion, I gained the inside scoop from talking with Dallin Klinger of Marketing and Communications.

Dallin Klinger, Marketing and Communications, Eagle Eye Produce“Rhett Ricks is the person you imagine on the other end of the supply chain when you pick up a bag of potatoes at the grocery store: A multi-generational farmer with a wealth of experience who is dedicated to growing the best potatoes for people all over the country,” Dallin told me. “He is the real deal. Here at Eagle Eye Produce, we are dedicated to amplifying the people behind our brand because they are the reason we continue to be trusted for high quality produce.”

Rhett Ricks started farming with Eagle Eye about eight years ago. He is a multi-generational farmer, and his family worked with the company for years even before he started.

Eagle Eye Produce recently released the latest addition to its series of Grower Spotlight videos, this time highlighting Eastern Idaho potato grower Rhett Ricks

Like Ricks said in the video, farming is in the family’s blood. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all potato farmers, and that heritage and multigenerational experience is priceless in the eyes of Eagle Eye Produce.

Rhett Ricks, Farmer, Eagle Eye Produce“My favorite thing with growing potatoes is working hand-in-hand with Mother Nature to see the challenges that we’re gonna have,” Ricks explained in the video. “Every year it’s something new. It never seems to be the same problem. There’s always a new challenge, always a new thing to overcome. And because of that, we’re always on our toes. We’re always prepared for the worst and we pray for things like right now that couldn’t be better.”

To hear more from Rhett Ricks and his growing operations, be sure to check out the video below.

Farmers like Rhett Ricks aren’t the only representatives for Eagle Eye—the produce speaks for itself at retail, after all. Aiming to get a read on the market, I also asked Dallin how Eagle Eye’s potato season is coming along.

“We are just about done with harvest in Eastern Idaho, which has been excellent thus far,” he said. “Mother Nature has been cooperating with us this year, which could not be better after what we dealt with last year. We started on schedule in the first week of August out of our fields in Western Idaho and have since been harvesting our red, yellow, white, and russet crops in Eastern Idaho. We have excellent crews who are working around the clock, and we could not be more grateful. We have seen great quality coming out of the fields, and we should have plenty of potatoes to offer a truly year-round supply of premium Idaho potatoes to our customers.”

As Eagle Eye Produce continues to pull back the curtain on its premium operations, we at AndNowUKnow will bring you the latest.

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