Exclusive with PMA's Cathy Burns on Teaming Up with Funny or Die

Fri. March 13th, 2015
- by Christofer Oberst     

NEWARK, DE - Cathy Burns, President of the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), took time with AndNowUKnow to share details of how it paired up with Funny or Die for the eat brighter! campaign. The duo’s video, which featured comedic host and millennial sensation Billy Eichner as well as First Lady Michelle Obama, has gone viral with hundreds of thousands of views.

Cathy tells us she hopes that Billy's more than two million followers can ultimately result in more millennials and their children eat more fruits and vegetables.

So can we expect more from these millennial-focused initiatives? 

PMA is also one of the original founding supporters for FNV, announced at the Partnership for a Healthier America’s (PHA) 2015 Building a Healthier Future Summit in Washington, D.C., a collaboration that aims to present fruit and vegetables under “one iconic brand.” The progressive idea seems to be not just to educate kids on the benefits of healthy eating, but to make it cool to do so.

Find out more about PMA's partnership with Funny or Die by listening to the above interview.