Family Tree Farms' Chad Snapp Shows Off Impressive Berry Portfolio and Stonefruit Offerings

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Fri. March 29th, 2024 - by Peggy Packer

REEDLEY, CA - My world was changed when I strolled by the Family Tree Farms booth at Southern Exposure, revealing a selection of some of the most delicious berries I have encountered. While indulging in the provider’s impressive blueberry and blackberry portfolio, Senior Sales Representative Chad Snapp shared some exclusive highlights with the ANUK team.

Chad Snapp, Senior Sales Representative, Family Tree Farms
Chad Snapp, Senior Sales Representative, Family Tree Farms

“We have our Jumboz™ blueberries and our regular large blueberries; they are from Mexico currently,” Chad explains, pointing to the large and mouthwatering berries on display. “We grow in Peru, Mexico, and two parts of California—the Central Valley and on the Coast—and we grow both conventional and organic.”

Family Tree Farms has played a key role in the development of the Jumboz blueberry space, bringing its first jumbo blueberry to market over nine years ago.

“It has now become our No. 1 selling item in the United States,” Chad shares. “We also have our new Erandy™ blackberry variety, and the public seems to really like that as well.”

Family Tree Farms has witnessed incredible success with its Jumboz™ blueberries and regular large blueberries, which are currently coming out of Mexico

Also creating opportunities for Family Tree’s partners is the company’s stonefruit portfolio. 

“In about another two months, we'll be starting stonefruit, where we produce, package, and market the most flavorful fruit in the world. We grow plumcots, apriums, apricots, and red apricots,” Chad teases. “We also grow those cool little donuts, like donut yellow peaches, we call it Peach Pie, as well as a donut yellow nectarine that we call Necta Pie.”

Dive further into the grower’s berry and stonefruit portfolio in our exclusive video above!