FiveStar Gourmet Foods' Tal Shoshan Talks Simply Fresh™ Grab & Go Salads

Fri. March 13th, 2020 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

TAMPA, FL - One of the many takeaways I get from the opportunity to dig into the stories of this industry is that its leaders and its chefs are perfectionists. Tal Shoshan, a Chef and the Chief Executive Officer of FiveStar Gourmet Foods, most certainly brings that mentality and enthusiasm for ingredients to everything this company launches.

Tal Shoshan, Chief Executive Officer, FiveStar Gourmet Foods“Simply Fresh is definitely in the forefront of everything that is new and exciting in the marketplace,” Tal recently shared with me about the company’s beautifully branded product line. “We are always coming out with new items, always innovating, there’s always something exciting coming.”

A premier company for the highly demanded grab-and-go market, FiveStar focuses on clean, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, not just for its fresh produce but also in the antibiotic-free chicken featured in its salad bowls.

The Simply Fresh salad line consistently offers not just innovation, but also clean, locally sourced ingredients

“We are known for our salad and we’re known for a lot of our innovation,” Tal shared, pointing out not just that the clear bowl showcased a fresh, tasty meal but also a color wheel of items, bright and tempting.

While I tried my best to have Tal share just one sneak peek of the newest things coming out of this premium provider, he suggested we keep an eye out because there is “always something new and exciting coming.”

To hear it straight from the man, the chef, and the CEO himself, watch the brief, jazzy video above.

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