Fresh Solutions Network's Side Delights® Save Consumers' Space and Drive Sales

Mon. November 21st, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Consumers seeking space-saving solutions to round out their Thanksgiving and holiday meals in cramped kitchens and at overstuffed tables can rejoice; Fresh Solutions Network has announced three new lines of convenient, gluten-free, packaged Side Delights® potato products designed for the microwave or grill, leaving the oven free for turkeys, hams, pies, and other holiday mainstays.

Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network“Potatoes are a holiday favorite, but if you live in an urban location where stove and oven real estate is a luxury, Side Delights® products save time and space,” said Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network.

The timesaving trend has been growing in recent years, with pre-prepared value-added produce items accounting for 84% of incremental sales dollars in the produce category last year, according to a recent press release.


Microwaveable bags are one of the most popular time- and space-saving solutions, and Side Delights® Steamables are poised to be one of the most popular offerings in this category. Individually-wrapped, single-serving Side Delights® Bakeables are also microwaveable, and a convenient way to add variety to seasonal meals.

Side Delights® Roastables are pre-prepared, triple-washed, come in a metal baking tray, and with custom seasoning blends. The selections can be prepared on a grill top while an entrée takes up the oven.


“To save even more time and space,” Triou suggested, “pre-prepare the potatoes in the microwave or on the grill and then refrigerate and use in a variety of salads and other dishes for spectacular 'day after' leftovers.”

Side Delights® website features a number of easy to prepare recipes drawing on these new product lines, including:

The company’s Side Delights® website offers additional recipes and resources for creative, delicious, and easy space-saving potato solutions. 


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