Frieda's Backs Buyers With Strong Spring Programs; Alex Jackson Details

Fri. April 21st, 2023 - by Peggy Packer

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Ah, the sweet smell of spring. It’s a particularly joyous time in the produce department, with each category bursting with bright colors and alluring aromatics that only the fresh sector can provide. One category gearing up for a boost is the specialty set, and Frieda’s is here with a strong portfolio ready to meet all its retail allies’ needs.

Alex Jackson, Vice President of Sales and Procurement, Frieda's“Springtime is a fun season in the produce department. Everywhere you look, there is a variety of specialty items,” says Alex Jackson, Vice President of Sales and Procurement. “In the citrus category, you will find our colorful Pink Lemons and our poppable Popjoys® kumquats in easy-to-grab pouches.”

For shoppers frequenting the potato and onion sections, Frieda’s is also meeting spring demand with its Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes and Shallots.

With springtime setting in, Frieda's says that specialty produce will see a boost in sales

“Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes and Shallots are increasingly relevant as outdoor entertaining picks up and consumers look to add color to their spreads,” Alex adds.

Frieda’s is also presenting consumers with delicious tropical fruit options, including its Snow Dragon Fruit and Honey Dragon Fruit.

“These varieties are staples that continue to trend while consumers anxiously await the return of Passionfruit from Florida coming at the end of April,” notes Alex.

As the specialty produce supplier continues to add growers to its network, it has become an even more formidable partner for retailers looking to up their specialty sales.

Frieda's will be highlighting its wide range of specialty offerings including products like its dragonfruit, colorful Pink Lemons, and poppable Popjoys® kumquats in easy-to-grab pouches

“We are the supplier of choice in these top-selling items with the top-selling brand in the category,” Alex points out. “Merchandising these items that are seasonally relevant with their category counterparts while educating the consumer through impactful and appealing packaging is the winning combination to drive sales through specialty produce.”

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