Frieda’s Offering Exclusive Red and Purple Artichokes

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Thu. February 26th, 2015 - by Andrew McDaniel

LOS ALAMITOS, CA – Frieda’s Specialty Produce is offering its exclusive specialty red and purple artichokes like the Sangria and Fiore Viola Artichokes.

Sangria Artichokes have a flower-like shape with a deep burgundy color, and Fiore Viola Artichokes are attractive purple gloves. In a press release, the company notes that they are great for adding color to an all-green artichoke display.

These specialty artichokes are bred and grown in Lompoc, California. Aside from their striking appearance, they also have unique flavor profiles.

Frieda’s says that the Sangria variety has meaty leaves with a nutty, earthy flavor, and the Fiore Viola, which is heavy for its size, is packed with meaty leaves and a nutty, sweet artichoke flavor. Both provide folate and fiber as well as being good sources of vitamin C.

Additionally, the Fiesole Baby Purple Artichoke is expected to be available later in March. These deep-purple buds have no chokes and are nutty and sweet with a strong artichoke flavor.

They are also available in convenient 1-pound bags.

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