Frieda’s President & CEO Karen Caplan Talks Chinese New Year

Wed. January 28th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - With Chinese New Year only weeks away, preparations are in full swing at Frieda's Specialty Produce. ANUK sat down with President and CEO Karen Caplan to discuss Frieda's latest this holiday season.

“Bok Choy and Baby Bok Choys are some of our biggest sellers during Chinese New Year, along with other traditionally symbolic foods like Daikon, Pummelo, and Young Coconut,” Karen shared. “With the crazy weather we get at this time of year, many retailers promote complementary items such as Eggroll and Wonton Wrappers, Tofu, Noodles of all kinds, and Kim Chee.”

Karen also took the time to point out a few 'lesser known' produce items that might move the needle during the lead-up to the holiday. These items include:

  • Kumquats
  • Buddha’s Hand Citrons
  • Oroblancos

According to a press release, Frieda's also recommends the following items as well:

  • Wealth and Fortune: Kumquats, Mandarinquats, Buddha’s Hand Citron, Daikon, and Gai Choy Mustard Green. Also representing wealth are Won Tons and Egg Rolls.
  • Good Luck: Napa Cabbage, and Zululand Queen Baby Pineapple.
  • Abundance and Prosperity: Pummelo, Oroblanco, and Yu Choy Sum.
  • Family Unity: Chinese Eggplant, Snow Peas, Water Chestnuts, and Young Coconut.
  • Good Health and Longevity: Opo Squash, Chinese Long Beans, and long noodles like Chow Mein.

Retailers looking to maximize ring at the register can also look into festive store promotions and displays, according to Karen.

“A festive destination display always draw a crowd,” she explained. “In-store sampling is very effective leading up to Chinese New Year. Why not include a sign that highlights the Year of the Sheep and the year’s personality traits along with all twelve years on the Chinese zodiac!”

Frieda's will be working with its retail partners throughout the period in order to help them build the best campaigns and displays for boosting sales. Karen shared that the company would also be providing educational resources, product recommendation and POS signage artwork.

Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow as we continue to cover the produce industry's preparations for Chinese New Year this coming February 19.