Frieda’s Red Dragon Fruit Ready for Independence Day Celebration

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Fri. May 31st, 2019 - by Maggie Mead

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Although a certain massively successful fantasy television show has ended, we’re not out of dragon season yet. Frieda’s red dragon fruit is ready to be hand-picked on the lush and sunny volcanic hills of Nicaragua. This exotic fruit is about to come roaring into stores with the potential to drive higher traffic to the produce department. With its deep red-magenta flesh and exceptional taste, it won’t be hard to get consumers hooked on the otherworldly looking red dragon fruit—and Frieda’s has ideas in place for how to market this head-turning fruit.

Alex Berkley, Sales Manager, Frieda's“We are recommending retailers to merchandise red dragon fruit alongside young coconuts (on ice) and blueberries to increase dollar ring for the July 4th holiday,” said Alex Berkley, Sales Manager.

According to a press release, a recent survey by C+R Research and Frieda’s revealed that 38 percent of shoppers reported that they were more likely to shop at retailers who carry red dragon fruit. Furthermore, a whopping 62 percent of shoppers claim the fruit is worth paying more for—even more so than traditional white-fleshed dragon fruit. Keeping this in mind, Frieda’s developed a limited-edition ElastiTag® to help buyers and shoppers identify the red-fleshed dragon fruit.

Frieda’s red dragon fruit can drive sales in the produce department, especially when marketed alongside young coconuts and blueberries. Pictured: Dragon Fruit Salsa. Source:

Once peeled, the beautiful and refreshing red dragon fruit can be eaten alone or added to summer classics like fruit salads, smoothies, and even salsa. With a Brix of 17, Frieda’s red dragon fruit is one of the sweetest around, but with a mild flavor that pairs well with other fruits like pineapples or strawberries. The attention-grabbing fruit would also work well as a garnish, cocktail ingredient, or as a festive table decoration.

Frieda’s red dragon fruit is available in 6, 9, 12, and 18 counts and a baby “snackable” size, with availability all throughout the summer and October.

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