Frieda's Specialty Produce Ushers in the Summer of Dragon Fruit

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Thu. July 23rd, 2020 - by Chandler James

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Though the stay-at-home summer may feel like living on a deserted island for some, the team over at Frieda’s Specialty Produce continues to roll out seasonal promotions to make your consumers feel like they’re in a tropical paradise. Headlined by the tagline #microescapes, Frieda’s latest summertime savior comes in the form of dragon fruit straight from Ecuador and Nicaragua.

Alex Berkley, Director of Sales, Frieda's Specialty Produce“With such high demand and strong supply, now is the perfect time to build inviting dragon fruit displays which showcase all three varieties in order to make your store the preferred shopping destination,” says Alex Berkley, Director of Sales.

Tropical fruits continue to trend as coffee chains like Starbucks have ramped up their assortment of tropical beverages, including the Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers® and the Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink. And, according to a press release, Dunkin Donuts offers a Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher to quench consumers’ summer thirst.

Frieda’s supply of dragon fruit is looking better than ever, featuring red dragon fruit grown in the lush volcanic soil of Nicaragua and yellow dragon fruit sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.

“POS signage is an easy way to show the flesh and highlight the differences. We suggest featuring yellow dragon fruit, which we call the gateway dragon fruit because it is so sweet,” Berkley says.

To bring the #microescape to your consumers and make your store the dragon fruit destination this summer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Frieda’s Specialty Produce.

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