Frontera Produce Celebrates 25th Anniversary With New Logo and Partnerships

Mon. August 13th, 2018
- by Jessica Donnel     

EDINBURG, TX - A lot can happen in a quarter century—six Jurassic Park movies, the lifetime of a millennial, and now, the duration of Frontera Produce’s reign in the produce industry. The Edinburg, Texas-based company is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, bringing on both a new logo and a new partnership with Continental Fresh.

Will Steele, President and CEO, Frontera Produce

“Twenty-five years in the produce industry is an achievement to be proud of,” said Will Steele, President and CEO in commemoration of the company’s anniversary. “We owe a debt of gratitude to our employees, customers, growers, vendors, and the entire produce industry for their continued support throughout our history.”

Frontera joined forces with Continental Fresh, allowing for the company to offer a quality, year-round supply of mangos and limes to its customers

In addition to using the 25th anniversary logo throughout the year, Frontera shared that it will continue to roll out new announcements over the next several months. Most recently, the company joined forces with Continental Fresh, allowing for Frontera to offer a quality, year-round supply of mangos and limes to its customers.

 Amy Gates, Vice President, Frontera Produce

“Moving into the next 25 years, Frontera will continue to advance our business by leaning on our core principle values of integrity, transparency, and excellent communication that have taken us this far,” said Amy Gates, Vice President. “One of the ways we will grow is to continue to expand the relationship with Albert at Continental by combining the diversified sourcing of Frontera with his team’s sales and marketing expertise.”

According to a press release, the partnership with Continental Fresh is a collaborative sales and sourcing effort that joins Continental’s deep rooted relationships in Brazil and Ecuador with Frontera’s current partnerships in Mexico and Peru. Hallmarks of the companies’ combined efforts are consistent volume and by superior customer service.

Cheers to Frontera Produce for its first quarter century in the books, and here’s to many more candles on your cake to come.

Frontera Produce