Fruit World Increases Organic Acreage Amidst Successful Citrus Growing Season

Tue. January 12th, 2021
- by Peggy Packer     

REEDLEY, CA - For citrus lovers far and wide, exciting things can be heard on the newswire today, as Fruit World has announced not only an extraordinary citrus growing season, but an increase in its organic acreage.

Bianca Kaprielian, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fruit World“We’re in mandarin season now through May, with our highest volumes in early spring. Our Stem & Leaf Mandarins are now available in a new 4-pack clamshell under our Lucky Dragon label. We’ve found this new pack style to be exceptionally popular right now, with consumer demand for packaging options that limit additional direct handling of their produce at retail. Plus, the label adds a fun and bold element to the package,” said Co-Founder and CEO Bianca Kaprielian. “Our juicy Page mandarins, with their deep orange color and high flavor, are also available now through the end of January. Not many shippers offer Page mandarins, as they’re not typically considered easy-peel. But that changes as they ripen, and the reward is definitely worth the wait.”

This season’s varieties include both organic and conventional mandarins, organic Cara Cara, Blood, and Navel oranges, organic Minneolas, and organic lemons, according to the press release—all the product of patience and perfect timing at Fruit World.

CJ Buxman, Co-Founder and Organic Citrus Grower, Fruit World“We’re unique in how we time the availability of some of our citrus, like Cara Caras and Blood Oranges,” said CJ Buxman, Co-Founder and Organic Citrus Grower. “We start our season a little later so their flavor is at its strongest and sweetest when we ship. That palate-pleasing intensity is why our customers come back to Fruit World again and again.”

The grower will begin shipping Cara Caras this month, followed by Blood Oranges in late January through April. Though the company’s organic lemons are a year-round mainstay, the lemon program will also see promotable volumes during the months of January–April.

This season’s varieties include both organic and conventional mandarins, organic Cara Cara, Blood, and Navel oranges, organic Minneolas, and organic lemons

Sky Ranch, one of Kaprelian’s family ranches, is also contributing to the grower’s citrus production this season with its Heirloom Navel Oranges. While the acreage is still in the process of transitioning to organic and this year’s Heirloom Navels will be sold as conventional this year, it will still follow all organic standards.

“Soil at the ranch has high mineral content, leading to extraordinarily flavorful citrus,” Kaprielian explained. “The Heirloom Navels are a phenomenal variety to begin with, and the rich mineral concentrations really highlight the sweet flavor of the fruit. We are in our first year of our organic transition and look forward to being fully transitioned in three years.”

Fruit World has announced an extraordinary citrus growing season and an increase in its organic acreage

After an already amazing growing season, the new organic acreage is sure to catapult the grower into another year filled with incredibly satisfying citrus.

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