General Produce Tie in the Month of the Military Child with eat brighter! Campaign and DeCA's "5-2-1-0" Message

Tue. April 14th, 2015 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SACRAMENTO, CA - In an effort to educate children on the benefits of being active and eating healthy, General Produce is hosting multiple events at participating commissaries this month to celebrate the Month of the Military Child.

Linda Luka, Marketing Director, General Produce

“These events are a highlight for all who are involved and support General Produce’s mission to educate our youngest consumers,” said Linda Luka, Marketing Director for General Produce. “The benefits of healthy eating combined with staying active will create a fit for life generation.”

This promotion will tie in with General Produce’s participation with PMA and Sesame Workshop’s eat brighter!™ campaign and DeCA’s “5-2-1-0” message, which stands for a daily regimen of eating 5 or more fruits and vegetables, reducing recreational screen time to 2 hours or less, getting 1 hour or more of physical activity, and drinking 0 sugary beverages, according to a press release.

“Kid’s Zones” at each participating commissary will allow children to sample fresh fruits and vegetables and track daily activity and healthy eating habits on a weekly worksheet. Every completed ‘eat brighter!’ form can be returned to the stores for a chance to win a bicycle at the end of the month-long celebration.

General Produce

The outreach events include:

  • April 10, “Feel Like a Kid Again” Health Fair at the McClellan Commissary
  • April 18, “Kid’s Day Event” at the Porter Youth Center
  • April 23, “Kid’s Zumba and Salad Bar Event” for more than 500 students and staff at Lone Tree Elementary School on Beale Air Force Base with a bicycle giveaway
  • April 24, “Kid’s Day Event” with a free shopping experience, a sampling table and a bicycle giveaway at Lemoore Child Development Center

Come out and support eating healthy habits with General Produce!

General Produce