Gianna De Caro of Soli Organic™ Showcases New Products

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Wed. August 9th, 2023 - by ANUK Staff

ROCKINGHAM, VA - Soli Organic™ is all about the green—leafy greens and herbs, that is. We recently caught up with Gianna De Caro, Chief Product Officer, who debuted the supplier’s newest developments.

Gianna De Caro, Chief Product Officer, Soli Organic™“We’re really excited to showcase both our new brand refresh—which is really showcasing some key attributes that consumers care a lot about, which is organic [and] pesticide-free—and then really highlighting the varieties that consumers care about,” Gianna told us in a video interview.

Not only has a brand refresh been in the works, but Soli is introducing multiple new products.

“We’re also really excited to showcase some new products that we have, which are packaged bunches. So, really solving for the quality and food safety concerns that a lot of consumers have,” Gianna explained.

Soli Organic™ is introducing a brand refresh in addition to multiple new products

Soli is also educating buyers on its leafy green items—in particular, spinach.

“Our spinach product is one of the only products available from a CEA perspective, and how we’re able to do that is because we grow in soil organically,” Gianna stated. “So, we’re very excited to be able to bring high-quality, CEA-approved produce at an accessible, affordable price for consumers.”

To hear from Gianna herself, be sure to check out our exclusive video above. And keep a tab open for ANUK as we continue bringing you the latest news.

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