Gill's Onions' Teri Trost Talks the Launch of Pickled Red Onions for Foodservice

Wed. August 17th, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura

OXNARD, CA - Pickling is a trend and flavor profile continuing to heat up on restaurant menus across North America. While the preparation method has been around for years, Gills Onions is reinvigorating the category in the mainstream, with the launch of its pickled red onions for foodservice operators.

With the tagline “Perk it Up,” with Gills Pickled Onions, Teri Trost, Midwest/West Regional Manager, joins me to dish on the versatile new product and how pickling can enhance dishes and help to diversify the menu spread.

Teri Trost, Midwest/West Regional Manager, Gills Onions

“Pickling is truly finding a place on mainstream restaurant and foodservice menus. The great thing about this item is that it can be in utilized in a host of different ways, whether a chef is looking to create more upscale subs, burgers, or Paninis, or they are looking to give gyros, tacos, or Middle Eastern dishes a new twist,” Teri tells me.

Enhance smoked salmon dishes or make those hot dogs gourmet, this list goes on. I love onions in just about everything from fresh seafood dishes to charcuterie plates, and of course salads. So, you can be sure I’d try this addition in any foodservice lineup.

Teri came to Gills from Fresh Connect in 2013, bringing over 30 years of experience in foodservice sales management, customer service and marketing. With her focus on helping Gills’ customers build their fresh-cut onion category sales and profits, Teri sees this product as a great opportunity for growth.

“We are going to pack the pickled onions in a one gallon bucket, which is approximately 5 lbs.,” she adds. “Pricing is available now for distributors with additional pack size options as well. With a 30-day shelf life, rest assured that the pickled onions will bring the same flavor throughout their lifetime.”

Gills’ pickled onions join the company’s full-line of value-added onion products for foodservice, including slivered, diced, sliced, and whole-peeled product options. The company’s passion for all-things-onion continues to drive Gills growth and its product innovation.

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