The Giumarra Companies' Gary Caloroso Details PMA Foodservice Plans

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Wed. July 24th, 2019
- by Jordan Okumura     

LOS ANGELES, CA - When I think of everything produce, my mind quite often drifts to The Giumarra Companies. And while the company impacts categories across the retail board, it also loves to raise the bar in the foodservice space as well. What better place to do that than PMA Foodservice in Monterey, California, this week?

Gary Caloroso, Regional Business Development Director, The Giumarra Companies“The foodservice sector is at the forefront of trends and plays a vital role in helping establish new trends,” Gary Caloroso, Regional Business Development Director, shares with me. “We know that today’s consumers get information about their food from a variety of online and offline avenues. Consumers of all ages look to their favorite restaurants for ideas and inspiration and oftentimes discover new dishes this way.”

Giumarra is a key provider of avocados, tomatoes, and other items in the foodservice space. At the show, the team will be focused on connecting with existing and new customers to learn more about their business and how Giumarra can best incorporate its products into the foodservice produce mix.

Giumarra will be showcasing avocados, tomatoes, and other foodservice items at PMA Foodservice this year

Between dips and toast toppings, desserts and playful salads, avocado demand shows no sign of stopping. And with two of those key foodservice categories as avocados and tomatoes, Giumarra will be sampling roasted tomato and avocado crostini at its booth, and looking forward to discussing new and interesting ways to incorporate avocados into menus.

“Our company was founded on the basis of strong service, and our foodservice business is no exception,” Gary tells me. “Our team understands the unique ripening, quality, and logistical needs of foodservice. Foodservice is an important piece of our business and a way to connect to consumers.”

While you are crafting your go-to list for this weekend’s PMA Foodservice, make sure to add booth #606 and check out what Giumarra is all about!

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