Giumarra Companies' Kellee Harris Details Organic Avocado Program

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Wed. August 2nd, 2023 - by ANUK Staff

LOS ANGELES, CA - Avocados continue to drive shoppers into the store. Not only are they versatile and delicious, their health factors keep them in shoppers’ baskets. To keep up with demand, Giumarra Companies has many solutions in place.

Kellee Harris, Regional Business Development Director, Giumarra Companies“We have organic avocados all year-long—12 months, bags and bulk,” remarked Kellee Harris, Regional Business Development Director. “And one of the things that makes it unique and different is that we pack in two different facilities in California as well as import from several different countries, which gives us year-round availability.”

This year-round availability is especially crucial for retailers looking to keep pace with consumers. Organic and year-round is quite a differentiating factor in the eyes of people wanting options in their stores.

Giumarra Companies has many solutions in place to keep up with year-round organic avocado demand

“We’re seeing our organic bagged business grow dramatically, and what’s really important about that is that retailers can now showcase both bulk and bagged avocados at the same time and double or triple their sales just by offering these different pack styles,” added Kellee, hinting at an important merchandising strategy.

To learn more about this program, please watch our full video interview above.

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