Giumarra Introduces Proprietary Sugar & Spice™ Persimmon for Fall

Mon. September 17th, 2018
- by Jessica Donnel     

LOS ANGELES, CA - Autumn is the perect time for sugar and spice and all things nice! And with Giumarra Companies latest addition to its retail lineup, retailers and consumers alike are getting to tap into a new festive treat. Beginning mid-October, Giumarra is bringing its new, proprietary persimmon variety, Sugar & Spice™, to market.

Jeannine Martin, Director of Sales, Giumarra Reedley“We sampled Sugar & Spice last fall with a select group of customers, and the response to the flavor was overwhelmingly positive,” said Giumarra Reedley’s Director of Sales Jeannine Martin. “It is high Brix, with unique notes of fall baking spices and a touch of vanilla. Its texture is similar to a crunchy Fuyu. A creamier texture occurs when additional ripening happens at home, much like an avocado’s transitional ripening process.”

These proprietary persimmons will be marketed under the label Sugar & Spice™

Shaped like a traditional Hachiya persimmon but with a ready-to-eat texture Fuyu fans will recognize, the new Sugar & Spice variety is bolstering Giumarra’s fall persimmon program, which also includes the aforementioned varieties. Sugar & Spice is also grown in the San Joaquin Valley in California, expanding Giumarra’s California-grown program.

Kellee Harris, Western Region Business Manager, Giumarra Companies“We look forward to expanding our growing persimmon category with this proprietary new variety perfect for fall celebrations,” said Kellee Harris, Western Region Business Director. “Sugar & Spice is locally-grown in California and packed with nutritional value. It lends a burst of color and flavor to salads and desserts.”

According to a press release, Giumarra is packing the Sugar & Spice in a one-layer tray pack with PLU #4427 (or a retailer-assigned PLU) or a larger 8-10-piece consumer pack with UPC.

Fuyu persimmons have just begun shipping

“With the addition of Sugar & Spice and an overall increase in our persimmon program, Giumarra is now the largest supplier of California persimmons in the U.S.,” added Harris. “Our Fuyu persimmons just started shipping and our total persimmon program will conclude in December.”

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