Giumarra to Launch Persimmon Marketing Program at The FPFC Expo

Thu. July 11th, 2019
- by Lilian Diep     

LOS ANGELES, CA - This year at the FPFC Expo in Anaheim on July 16, Giumarra will be unveiling its newest marketing program, #DoYouFuyu. Personally, both sides of my family have trees (EACH) of persimmons in their yards, and I’m always receiving crates full of them every year. Specifically, the Fuyu kind. So yes, I do Fuyu. And so do all of my friends.

Jeannine Martin, Director of Sales, Giumarra Reedley“Giumarra is entering our third season as the largest persimmon supplier in the U.S., shipping from Reedley, California,” said Jeannine Martin, Director of Sales for Giumarra Reedley. “Our volume for 2019 is increasing 20 percent, and this growth presents a perfect opportunity to plan aggressive promotions at retail. Consumers are always looking for new, exotic items, and we have found that retailers who cross merchandise our bagged program with our bulk persimmons increase initial sales and generate repeat purchases.”

Giumarra is entering its third season as the largest persimmon supplier in the U.S. as the company launches its #DoYouFuyu campaign

The press release stated that the #DoYouFuyu encompasses a colorful logo and hashtag promotion for social media, as well as marketing resources designed to educate both consumers and produce staff about the persimmon category. Attendees can experience firsthand how the campaign works and peruse the customizable program elements such as point-of-sale materials, displays, recipes, and grower stories. And to also take a “#DoYouFuyu Selfie."

Kellee Harris, Western Region Business Manager, Giumarra Companies“Fuyu persimmons are trending with millennial shoppers looking for new, healthy snacks on the go. Fuyus are perfect because you eat them raw—skin and all—just like an apple,” said Kellee Harris, Regional Business Director for the Giumarra Companies. “#DoYouFuyu is a fun, playful way to reach this target audience and inspire foodies hungry for new eating experiences.”

So, if you would like to Fuyu, Giumarra will offer these persimmons for shipment in early September. The persimmons will be available in one-layer cartons or 2 lb high graphic handle bags. Additional specialized program packaging will also be available. And if you want to learn more about the campaign (or just want to take a selfie with the Giumarra team), head on over to booth #459 at the FPFC Expo. Have a Fuyu time!