Gold Coast Packing's Crystal Chavez Highlights Buy-Side Customization at PMA Foodservice 2021

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Fri. August 13th, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

SANTA MARIA, CA - There is nothing quite as refreshing as seeing a familiar face amongst a crowd, and that’s exactly how I felt when I spotted Crystal Chavez, Marketing Director for Gold Coast Packing at this year’s PMA Foodservice show. Stopping by the company’s booth, I got a sneak peek into its new lineup of retail offerings and got the chance to discuss with Crystal some of the supplier’s goals for the upcoming year.

Crystal Chavez, Marketing Director, Gold Coast Packing“We are predominantly a foodservice company, and we have been around for 42 years. We are smaller, but we love to work with our customers, and we’re willing to work with the items they’re looking for and that they want to create, and we go back and forth until we create exactly what they want,” Crystal started off.

However, just because the company primarily serves foodservice customers doesn’t mean that retail is not on its radar. As our conversation progressed, Crystal explained that one of Gold Coast Packing’s new goals is to expand its reach into the booming retail sector.

Gold Coast Packing is predominantly a foodservice company, and it has been around for 42 years

“One of our goals this year is to reach out more into retail. We have 12 oz and 2 lb retail items of our core line, so broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cilantro, and some blends of both of those together. So, a lot of great new items mostly into retail,” she explained.

After finishing my talk with Crystal, I can’t wait to see what Gold Coast will bring to the retail sector as it further widens its reach in the market.

One of Gold Coast Packing’s new goals is to expand its reach into the booming retail sector

To hear more of what Crystal had to say, watch our exclusive video linked above.

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