Gotham Greens Unveils New State-Of-The-Art Greenhouse And Partnership With University of California-Davis

Fri. March 5th, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

SACRAMENTO, CA - Recently revealing that it raised over $87 million to fund the expansion of its greenhouse footprint, Gotham Greens has yet another round of exciting news. The urban agricultual company is partnering with the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) to launch its latest state-of-the-art greenhouse.

Viraj Puri, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Gotham Greens“We are proud to bring Gotham Greens to the West Coast and partner with one of the highest ranked agricultural research centers in the world to advance the entire agriculture system,” said Viraj Puri, Co-Founder and CEO of Gotham Greens. “California is responsible for growing one-third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the nation’s fruits, yet in recent years, issues surrounding drought, food safety, and worker welfare have demonstrated the need for continued innovation. Gotham Greens offers consumers clean, safe, and sustainably-grown leafy greens, herbs, and versatile, time-saving plant-based dressings, dips, and cooking sauces.”

University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) and the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (UCD CAES) have partnered with Gotham Greens to help advance innovation and research in the areas of indoor agriculture, advanced agreenhouse technology, and urban agriculture.

Gotham Greens has partnered with the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) to launch its latest state-of-the-art greenhouse

According to a press release, the new facility will enable Gotham Greens and the University of California system to collaborate on this research to advance indoor agriculture.

Gabriel Youtsey, Chief Innovation Officer, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources“We are building a Controlled Environment Agriculture Consortium to support and advance the indoor farming industry, grow more fresh produce on less land and create new jobs for Californians,” said Gabriel Youtsey, UC ANR Chief Innovation Officer. “Gotham Greens is an anchoring partner of this research and industry collaboration that we hope will spur innovation, create a new indoor farming workforce and support industry growth.”

Gotham Greens’ 10-acre greenhouse facility will be located in Solano County, California, and its first phase is slated to open in 2021. In opening the new facility, the company will be able to deliver fresh, greenhouse-grown leafy greens to more retailers, foodservice operators, and shoppers along the West Coast.

John Vasquez, Supervisor District 4, Solano County"We are delighted for Gotham Greens to join Solano County’s thriving agricultural economy and help to usher in a new era in farming innovation, job creation, and economic growth for the region,” said Solano County Supervisor John Vasquez.

The new greenhouse will also generate 60 full-time jobs while providing students in the University of California system with the opportunity to learn firsthand from Gotham Greens. With the company’s recent $87 million in new equity and debt capital, the greenhouse maven has a total financing of over $130 million, which will continue to fuel the company’s growth, providing more opportunities.

Helene Dillard, Dean, UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences“We’re excited about collaborating with Gotham Greens, which is a coveted employer for tomorrow’s leaders in agriculture and engineering,” said Helene Dillard, Dean of UCD CAES. “This partnership will offer our students the chance to learn best practices from leading experts in indoor farming.”

Gotham Greens operates one of the largest and most advanced networks of hydroponic greenhouses in North America. The company currently owns and operates facilities in New York, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Colorado. Its products are available in over 40 states nationwide and in over 2,000 retail stores.

The new facility will enable Gotham Greens and the University of California system to collaborate on research to advance indoor agriculture

How will this next phase of expansion drive forward not only Gotham Greens, but the indoor farming sector? AndNowUKnow will keep a pulse on the newswire for answers.

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