G&R Farms Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary of Growing America's Farmers

Mon. March 2nd, 2020
- by Anne Allen     

GLENNVILLE, GA - One of the best ways that we as an industry can ensure a healthy future for fresh produce is to invest in the education of younger generations. G&R Farms’ Growing America’s Farmers™ (GAF) non-profit organization aims to do just this, and is now celebrating its five-year anniversary with the support of the National Future Farmers organization. The organization was started in 2015 due to concerns that the United States has a significant shortage of young people entering the Production Agriculture field.

Walt Dasher, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, G&R Farms“Over the years, we found that people under the age of 30 in rural areas like ours expressed very little interest in farm work. This caused me great concern because we all know that a lack of farmers could create a myriad of problems for our country," said Walt Dasher, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. "Can you imagine if we experienced a food supply shortage in the United States and had to depend on foreign countries to feed our families?"

G&R Farms is seeing the results of its non-profit foundation with the support of retailer partners. Young graduates who received scholarships are returning to their family farms and bringing new technology and growing practices to continue their family’s legacies. According to a press release, many young graduates throughout America are thanking G&R Farms for their generosity on how the scholarships are helping meet their college goals and, more importantly, the opportunity to continue and improve their family farms.

Alongside retail partners, G&R Farms’ Growing America’s Farmers™ non-profit organization aims to bring fresh talent to the industry

“I am sincerely honored and humbled in being selected for the 2018 Ohio FFA Growing America's Fanners scholarship. This scholarship will give me the opportunity to launch my educational career, while easing the financial burden,” said Alex Kutz from Ohio, a beneficiary of GAF. “I am now more excited than ever to begin my post-secondary education at The Ohio State University this fall. I chose agriculture as my major to continue and improve upon America's leading role in the world as the most-advanced agricultural society. The FFA has been a guiding light in finding my passion. I look forward to continuing to uphold the ideals of the FFA through my future work, and much like you, I know this future will be centered on production agriculture. Through your generous donation, I hope to achieve my goals in the world of agriculture and set up a legacy my family and community will be proud of for generations.”

Molly Ball, President, National FFA FoundationMolly Ball, President of the National FFA Foundation, commented, "Supporters such as G&R Farms and its customers help sustain the future of agriculture and help achieve the FFA vision of growing leaders, building communities, and strengthening agriculture."

Congratulations to G&R Farms and Walt Dasher on five years of successful ag education!

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