Green Field Farms™ Introduces Sustainable Packaging Alternative

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Tue. August 22nd, 2023 - by Jenna Plasterer

WOOSTER, OH - Farmer-owned co-op Green Field Farms™ is throwing its hat in the sustainability ring with its line of bags, trays, wrapping, and other custom produce packaging for retailers. Amid overwrapped offerings, the company is providing compostable trays that enable consumers to reduce their non-biodegradable waste—a key selling point for eco-conscious shoppers.

Green Field Farms™ revealed new compostable bags, trays, wrapping, and other custom produce packaging for retailers, helping consumers meet their own sustainable goals

In addition to its compostable trays, Green Field Farms has also redesigned its boxes to reduce the use of wax in the supply chain, a release explained.

Historically, some produce has been packed into wax boxes, despite its suitability for dry boxes. However, these changes on behalf of the company have resulted in the 1/3 bushel, 1/2 bushel, and 1-1/9 bushel boxes being entirely converted to dry boxes, making much of the retailers’ waste recyclable.

The new dry boxes help reduce retailers’ waste as well, reducing the use of wax boxes by providing different box sizes to improve shipping efficiencies

As Green Field Farms has implemented these updates, the co-op has also adjusted its box sizes to improve shipping efficiencies. All boxes are sized to stay within the edges of the pallet, and by tweaking the length, width, and height ratios, more produce can be added to each pallet. This results in reduced freight costs per box, sometimes allowing more pallets to be added to the truck, further reducing costs.

With more packaging companies coming up with creative ways to increase sustainability, AndNowUKnow will keep an ear to the newswire for the latest updates.

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