Grimmway Farms' Mike Anspach Details Fall Carrot Season and Market

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Thu. December 12th, 2019
- by Anne Allen     

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Carrots feature heavily in some of my favorite holiday dishes. Brightly colored, versatile in flavor and application, carrots easily run the gamut of holiday possibilities. As consumers further dial down their holiday menus, how can retailers best prepare? I caught up with Mike Anspach, Grimmway Farms’ Vice President of Sales, to learn about the state of this season’s carrot market.

Mike Anspach, Vice President of Sales, Grimmway Farms“We’re well into our Bakersfield fall crop and our quality looks great during the holiday season,” Mike explained. After 50 years of maintaining its commitment to consistent quality, Grimmway is continuing in this tradition, ensuring that its retail partners only put out the freshest carrots to the market.

Grimmway Farms matches rising demand with a strong selection of organics, value-added, and carrot varieties

“The holidays are an ideal time to promote baby carrots and value-added cuts,” Mike shared with me, noting that convenience plays a large factor in consumers’ buying decisions. “We expect to see strong demand for our organic carrot items, especially our rainbow products including cello, bunch, baby, and ColorShred®.”

As we get closer to the holiday rush—or rather, as we continue to weather it—AndNowUKnow will bring you the latest in what’s happening in all commodities.

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