GrubMarket Implements New Technology to Create Farm-to-Table Experience

Thu. January 7th, 2021 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - As ANUK is headquartered in Sacramento, California, our team knows a thing or two about the farm-to-table experience. At least, so we thought, until learning of the innovative approach taken by wholesaler GrubMarket. The company has leveraged technology in order to create a seamless connection between the farmer and the buyer, effectively changing the way we think of farm-to-table food.

Holly Wu, Chief Investor Relations Officer, GrubMarket “In a traditional agricultural supply chain business model, you have the farmers initially selling their products to rural wholesalers, who then sell it to regional distributors, who would then sell it to city wholesalers,” said Holly Wu, Chief Investor Relations Officer. “What we aim to do is try collapsing the layers in the middle and create a direct model where we source from the growers themselves and sell directly to customers, whether they’re grocery stores, meal kit companies, restaurants, or individual consumers.”

According to the news source ReachFurther, GrubMarket leverages two digital platforms—one for B2C and one for B2B—to create efficiencies across the entire supply chain. Through these innovative apps, farmers can sell fresh produce either directly to consumers or to retail and foodservice buyers.

The company uses SaaS technology, which e-commerce giants like Amazon and Netflix rely on, to streamline all of its operations. The software essentially consolidates all aspects of the business into one user-friendly format, a competitive edge which many other wholesalers cannot lay claim to.

GrubMarket has leveraged technology in order to create a seamless connection between the farmer and the buyer

“We allow businesses to use our own IP to house everything under one roof,” Wu continued. “Our internal software provides an end-to-end vertical solution that basically encompasses everything from the customer relationship management module, to accounting integration, HR, and everything in between.”

On top of its unrivaled technological processes, GrubMarket has rolled out an educational video game called FarmBox, which informs consumers about the growing process and allows them to earn points toward fresh produce purchases.

Fresh produce suppliers looking to up their game across the supply chain should look no further than GrubMarket. As this innovative company continues to shake things up, keep a tab open for us at AndNowUKnow.