Hazel Tech Announces New Kiwifruit Partnership With Kliewer Farms

Fri. December 11th, 2020
- by Chandler James     

CHICAGO, IL - Providing fresh produce is an extension of our hearts. As such, it is of the highest importance that we protect the integrity of our product. Hazel Technologies is one industry partner that won’t rest until this work is done. The company most recently teamed up with Reedley, California-based Kliewer Farms to support the company in its efforts.

Aidan Mouat, Chief Executive Officer, Hazel Technologies“Kiwifruit is growing in popularity globally and as a result more volume is being planted in major production areas like California,” said Aidan Mouat, CEO of Hazel Technologies. “Despite this growth, one major challenge with kiwifruit is the extremely high ethylene sensitivity following harvest. The goal of Hazel Technologies is to enable growers, packers, and retailers of kiwifruit to better meet their customers’ growing demand for delicious kiwifruit by helping ensure the best possible eating experience and least possible food waste.”

Hazel™ will be used for the grower’s kiwi supplies to ensure the highest post-harvest quality. The technology, which has been funded in-part by the USDA, is a small biodegradable sachet, placed in the box during packing, which reduces the sensitivity of kiwifruit to ethylene and results in longer shelf life and less food waste. Manufacturing sachets for both organic and conventional kiwi, Hazel provides growers, shippers, and retailers with compliance flexibility.

Hazel Technologies most recently teamed up with Reedley, California-based Kliewer Farms to implement its offerings

According to the University of California-Davis, kiwifruit has an extremely high sensitivity to ethylene. Even extremely low quantities of ethylene, which the kiwifruit itself produces following harvest, induce rapid softening. Following trials last season, Kliewer observed that kiwifruit protected by Hazel Tech retained their firmness significantly longer than unprotected control fruit, as stated in a press release.

Jerin Kliewer, General Manager, Kliewer Farming (Photo credit: CA GROWN)“Traditionally we can store our kiwifruit for three to four months, but with Hazel Tech we have observed storage capabilities of six to seven months,” commented Jerin Kliewer, General Manager at Kliewer Farming. “It only takes three seconds to put Hazel Tech in the box, but we get 3 additional months of shelf life out of it.”

Founded in 1985, Kliewer Farming is one of the largest kiwi growers in the state of California, with over three hundred acres of kiwi production.

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