Hazel Tech® Rolls Out Food Waste Solution for Calavo® Hawaiian Papayas; Pat Flynn and Brian Jameson Comment

Thu. October 21st, 2021
- by Peggy Packer     

CHICAGO, IL - If anyone is an expert in quality, it is Hazel Technologies. Continuously implementing its innovative solutions to bolster the supply chain by improving shelf-life and reducing food waste, the fresh produce ally has recently teamed up with Calavo Growers to ensure the high quality of the grower’s fresh Hawaiian papaya.

Pat Flynn, Chief Marketing Officer, Hazel Technologies“Our trial with Calavo is a perfect example of how Hazel® easily fits into the existing supply chain to protect quality, reduce waste, and increase profits,” commented Pat Flynn, Chief Marketing Officer, Hazel Technologies. “As we continue to work with Calavo, we look forward to bringing easy-to-use solutions for longer-lasting papayas, avocados, and tomatoes to consumers across the globe.”

Originally recognized as an avocado grower’s cooperative in Southern California, Calavo has expanded to become one of the world’s largest fresh food producers with global operations, and a premium supplier of Hawaiian papaya in the United States. According to a press release, more than 75 percent of the papayas produced in Hawaii are marketed under the Calavo Gold® and Cole® brands.

Hazel Technologies has recently expanded its partnership with Calavo Growers to ensure the high quality of the grower’s fresh Hawaiian papaya

With the short shelf-life of papayas creating a challenge and limiting further growth for the category, Calavo has tapped Hazel to ensure maximum quality, reduce food waste, and unlock future expansion opportunities.

When trialing the company’s Hazel 100™ sachets in its own supply chain, Calavo noted reduced decay and delayed ripening. As a result, the supplier has decided to implement Hazel commercially with shipments of papayas sent by air and sea freight to optimize quality and meet the expectation of lower labor costs and decreased food waste.

Brian Jameson, Vice President of Fresh Procurement, Calavo Growers“We were looking for an easy-to-integrate solution that would give us more time regardless of the harvest maturity,” commented Brian Jameson, Vice President of Fresh Procurement, Calavo Growers. “With Hazel 100 sachets, we’re able to reduce cull rate and waste and retain the quality of our papayas which is a great benefit. We provide the freshest and most flavorful papayas Hawaii has to offer, and by utilizing Hazel Tech, we’ll be able to provide more premium-quality fruit to valued customers, continue to support Hawaiian agriculture, and ensure our supply chain is as efficient as possible.”

AndNowUKnow will be on the lookout to see how this dynamic partnership will further fortify Calavo’s papaya operations.

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