Hood River Cherry Company's Kristoff Fowler Details Cherry Season Outlook

Thu. May 4th, 2023 - by Anne Allen

HOOD RIVER, OR - An enduring memory of mine is when my father would bring home the first cherries of the year. It’s become a tradition of sorts; no matter how much time passes, my dad and I always connect when cherry season rolls around. For many shoppers, this tradition endures as they flock to the grocery store to find these gorgeous gems.

As the weeks draw us ever to the start of cherry season, I turned to Hood River Cherry Company’s Kristoff Fowler, to learn more.

Kristoff Fowler, Field Manager, Hood River Cherry Company“Cherry season is coming fast, and this year's cherry crop could be one of the best ever. Temperatures have been perfect, and we can’t wait for our customers to try our delicious cherries,” began Kristoff Fowler, Field Manager. “Our orchards have an abundance of cherry buds. Bloom is almost upon us, and we can't wait to see the bees get to work. The cold spring nights have delayed our blossoms roughly 10 days but haven’t impacted our volume in any way.”

During the months of May and June, Hood River’s cherries receive copious amounts of sunlight in addition to cold temperatures at night to maximize sugar levels.

As Kristoff explained to me, “Our cherries are Mother Nature’s magic on a stem.”

With perfect temperatures and an abundance of cherry buds, Hood River believes this could be one of its best cherry seasons yet

As those delectable cherries get ready for market, Kristoff also shared with me some tips for retailers planning their cherry sets.

“We encourage retailers to connect with their customer base early, before the peak of a big cherry season. Retailers that get spring seasonal produce out in front of consumers early have a better chance of encouraging people to start thinking about buying. Early marketing stirs interest in products that stores anticipate to be holding,” he said.

For years, Hood River Cherry Company has utilized its expertise to bring premium cherries to its customers.

“We are the only growers in the Pacific Northwest that successfully grow and pack premium, tree-ripened cherries,” Kristoff noted. “The industry standard for cherry sugar levels is 16–18 Brix. We have, and always will, pick our cherries at no less than 21 Brix. Our goal is to bring our end customer the best eating experience they have had all season.”

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