Hugh Acheson Launches New Seed Life Skills Website and Curriculum

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Fri. September 1st, 2017 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

ATHENS, GA - Chef, author, father, and lover of fruits and vegetables, Hugh Acheson has launched into his latest venture to make it easier for parents and teachers to boost produce love and more.

Acheson recently debuted a new website and curriculum portal for his company Seed Life Skills to provide free tools and hands-on material to support kids “learning valuable life navigation skills.”

Chef Hugh Acheson"This is a curriculum available to all school systems to give a young generation a real chance of individual empowerment,” said Chef Acheson. “In an increasingly challenging world, our kids need to be more agile and equipped than ever before, and Seed Life Skills gives all kids the chance to say ‘I got this!’ which are three very affirming words when used in the right context.”

He founded Seed Life Skills in 2015. The “Home Economics 2.0” curriculum is focused on practical cooking skills, DIY design principles, and real-life financial savviness, according to GPB Media, seeking to provide the necessary foundation for students to thrive in a dynamic, global environment.

Seed Life Skills Co-Founder, Almeta Tulloss, works with a student

The Fall 2017 curriculum will be released the weeks of August 14 through September 18, and includes free resources and lessons in:

  • Food Foundations: The techniques required to prepare whole foods and make healthy choices, understand kitchen safety and sanitation, and prevent accidents and disease.
  • Citizenship: Build character, leadership skills and grit through lessons in advocacy, civic engagement, community, teamwork and organization.
  • Life Design: Lessons encompass creativity, utility and entrepreneurship, promoting self-care techniques and emotional wellness.
  • Food Science and Systems: Equipping students with the stewardship and resources to move food from farm to fork, including lessons on sustainability, climate, global grains and nutrition, seasonal foods and food preservation.
  • Money Matters: Empowering students to be stewards of financial resources through lessons in consumer economics, marketing savvy, responsible consumerism, vocation and college prep, and entrepreneurship.

Program Director Almeta Tulloss oversees the community-based curriculum, which is designed with over 1,000 hours of input from educators, parents, and professionals.

Seed Life Skills has grown past its piloted classrooms in Acheson’s hometown of Athens, Georgia, now working with a diverse cohort of 15 teachers from states across the country including California, Indiana, and Georgia. To see for yourself, visit

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