Idea Garden Marketing Celebrates Grads of First Class of Digital Marketing University Produce Professionals

Tue. December 15th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura

MEMPHIS, TN - At its inaugural Digital Marketing University for Produce Professionals, Idea Garden Marketing took industry members through a six-week online academy on how to connect with target audiences and increase sales through the use of digital marketing. 

John Avola, CEO, Idea Garden Marketing“Our first 6-week course of Digital Marketing University for Produce Professionals was a great success,” said John Avola, CEO of Idea Garden Marketing and program course instructor. “Our goal was to help educate the produce industry on digital marketing and based on the positive feedback we received and how valuable the students found our materials, we’ve already started preparing for the next series of classes.”

With topics covering everything from social media, digital advertising, website best practices, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and analytics, graduates of Idea Garden Marketing’s program now have the skills to use digital marketing strategies to reach and engage with shoppers, increase conversations, and measure their return on investment, the company says in a press release. 

Idea Garden Marketing

“I really enjoyed the course content and the presentations over the past 6 weeks,” shared one graduate. “I am now better able to understand the digital marketing world and how to better market our company’s products as well as inform consumers of our history as a company. Excellent course!”

Michael Prather, Flavor-Pic Tomato Co.

Mike Prather of Flavor-Pic Tomato Co. was another graduate who shared just what he found so valuable about the Digital Marketing Course.

“The materials covered opened our eyes to greater marketing possibilities, and having it in a webinar format allowed participation with my whole staff,” Prather said. 

Missed the boat this time around? Idea Garden Marketing plans to open the second semester of Digital Marketing University for Produce Professionals in the spring of 2016.

Idea Garden Marketing