Index Fresh Announces Strong Peru Supply

Thu. July 30th, 2020
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

RIVERSIDE, CA - Green gold from Peru is hitting the market with abundance this month as Index Fresh sees peak volume of its supply, with volume up by 15-20 percent compared to last year. Avocados from Peru have been available since May and will continue to be in the market until September.

Giovanni Cavaletto, Vice President of Sourcing, Index Fresh“Peru is at its peak in flavor as we enter the second half of their season. Index Fresh sources from multiple growing districts throughout Peru in order to provide customers with high quality avocados the entire season,” said Giovanni Cavaletto, Vice President of Sourcing.

Consumers and buyers can expect consistency through the season with this large-sized Hass offering excellent eating quality and good dry matter, according to a press release.

“Peru is a reliable supply of summer avocados for the U.S. Market, and their commitment to food safety is very high,” Cavaletto said.

Avocados from Peru are hitting the market with abundance this month as Index Fresh sees peak volume of its supply

The California-based global avocado marketer noticed an initial downturn in buying habits in March with pandemic shutdowns, but has now rebounded well. Foodservice has also seen an upturn, from initially being down around 90 percent to around 30 percent now. Employees safeguards at harvest and at packing sites continue to be paramount for Index Fresh and its grower partners.

“We are also looking forward to the new plantings from the Olmos mega-irrigation project coming into production,” added Cavaletto.

Keep a tab open for ANUK as we continue to uncover the season’s freshest supplies.

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