Index Fresh Brings Back GEM Avocados

Thu. April 25th, 2019
- by Robert Schaulis     

RIVERSIDE, CA - Index Fresh is hitting its stride this spring—with a very special avocado variety the company first introduced last April. This April through May, produce departments and avocado lovers alike can revel in the luster of the GEM avocado.

Dana Thomas, President and CEO, Index FreshIndex Fresh tested the GEM with a consumer focus group who loved everything about it,” said Dana Thomas, President of Index Fresh. “GEM’s flavor, appearance, and peelability add up to a fantastic consumer experience.”

Boasting a pleasantly nutty flavor and incredible ease of peeling, these bright green, gold-flecked avocados darken as they ripen and are hard to miss in any assortment. And with the short season, Index Fresh believes that the striking-looking GEM is both an excellent complement to the California Hass—and an opportunity to expand the avocado category.

Index Fresh GEM Avocados will be available April through May in produce departments

“We believe that the GEM is a wonderful extension of the avocado category, not as a substitute to the Hass, but rather as an exciting addition to the avocado category,” added Thomas.

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