Index Fresh Refreshes its AvoConcepts Retail Design Studio

Tue. June 12th, 2018
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

RIVERSIDE, CA - Produce and partnerships go hand-in-hand, and to both enhance and highlight its own role as a partner, Index Fresh has refreshed its existing custom sales program.

In every new partnership, Index Fresh introduces its custom sales program—AvoConcepts Retail Design Studio—to highlight its commitment to seeing these relationships grow and to show that there is value in doing business with the California-based avocado marketer, according to a recent release.

AvoConcepts avocado bag designs

“Through the AvoConcepts Retail Design Studio, Index Fresh assists in creating compelling in-store experiences, practical and fun social media strategies, and distinct promotional partnerships,” the company said in a statement. “Index Fresh also offers its clients AvoConcepts to add value to their product with custom bag labels, which often include new, exciting avocado recipes.”

Other customized offerings through AvoConcepts include:

  • Avocado education
  • Field tours
  • Menu-ready partnerships
  • Point of sale materials
  • Custom bags

AvoConcepts also includes recipes on its bag designs

The approach helps give Index Fresh a clearer structure for the benefit of both current and future clients, with AvoConcepts offering support for every marketing need by providing customized products and solutions.

Index Fresh