Jessica's Picks for PMA's 2016 Fresh Summit

Tue. October 18th, 2016 - by Jessica Donnel

ORLANDO, FL – At this point, we all know that PMA Fresh Summit is where the industry pulls out all the stops to show their best and brightest, and this year’s convention in Orlando, Florida, was no different.

From new product debuts, to trending packaging pushes and everything in between, here are some items that resonated with me even after the show floor madness died down. 

Ocean Mist’s Season & Steam Sweet Baby Broccoli

I LOVE baby broccoli. Whether with an Asian-style pork belly stir fry, with steak and mashed potatoes, or as an oddly satisfying late night snack, I can’t get enough of it. But if you know me, you probably are aware that I can be intimidated by the idea of a lot of prep when I cook. Enter Ocean Mist’s latest addition to its Season & Steam line, Sweet Baby Broccoli. With just three minutes of cook time, and the option to season in the microwaveable bag, I can now satisfy my baby broccoli cravings with ease.

Fresh Solutions Network’s Side Delights® Flavorables™ 

When curiosity-piquing flavors meet engaging packing, a magical product is made. With flavors like Chimichurri, Smokin’ Tomato, and Malaysian Curry, it's hard not to be drawn in by the potential mouth party that will ensue. Marry that with bright and high-graphic packaging, a microwave-ready cooking method, and 100 percent recyclable tray and package overwrap, and this girl is sold.

Frieda’s Watermelon Radishes

Is there anything quite as lovely as a freshly cut watermelon radish? Frieda’s is notoriously adept at finding ways to showcase hidden gems of the produce department in a way that reveals a veggie’s beauty, as well as educates consumers on how to approach intimidating products. The new 1 lb stand-up pouch answers confusion about the item for both retailers and consumers, all while extending shelf-life and moving radish sales.

Naturipe Farms’ “Selections” Cranberries

For the second year in a row, PMA Fresh Summit has gotten me pumped up for the holiday season, and one item in particular has definitely found its way on my produce shopping list—Naturipe Farms’ Selections” Cranberries. If you’re like me, you may have grown up in fear of those little rings around the canned cranberry sauce your Great Aunt plopped down on the table for your holiday meals. Now with this new 2 lb bag featuring holiday recipes on the back, that weird texture and less-than-fresh taste are no longer part of my seasonal nightmares.

Fox Solutions’ Stainless Steel Pouch Bagger

When you see Fox Solutions’ latest Stainless Steel Pouch Bagger in person, it’s not hard to see it as a work of art. When all the machine’s moving parts are in sync and working towards the most precise and efficient packing possible, it’s a dance that is deceptively simple to the eye. With a maintenance-free hollow shaft gear box, tool-free changeover for different bag sizes, a stand-alone heat sealer, and compatibility with all Newtec weighers, the complex process of bagging for produce items has never been more streamlined.

Hollandia Produce's Heartless Living Baby Romaine

Never has being heartless been such a desireable trait than with Hollandia's latest Living variety. The Baby Romaine comes in the absolute perfect size for people like meessentially either two side salads or one entree salad. And of course, there's the living aspect, which keeps my lettuce from going bad when I inevitably forget in the refrigerator for several days. Another lifesaver for the lazy girl in me, thanks Hollandia!

And believe me, these weren't all the eye-catching items the ANUK team saw this year. Stay tuned for even more parts in our ANUK Picks series!

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