Jim Leach Dives Into Oppy's New Offerings and Expansions at Viva Fresh Expo

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Thu. March 23rd, 2023 - by Lilian Diep

NEWARK, DE - Real ID? Check. Comfy shoes? Check. Show floor map with Oppy’s booth #820 circled? Check! Viva Fresh Expo is right on our doorsteps, and we are just bursting at the seams with the showcase the grower, marketer, distributor, and transporter has in store. I got in touch with Sales Manager Jim Leach to get all the new developments and upcoming offerings Oppy will be highlighting.

Jim Leach, Sales Manager, Oppy“We are excited to showcase our current offerings as well as upcoming items for the next six months. These include items from our apple, avocados, berries, cherries, citrus, grapes, kiwifruit, and tomato categories,” Jim tells me. “This year’s show will be an exciting one as we continue to drive innovation and category expansion forward.”

As part of the item showcase, Oppy’s growing partnerships will be featured at the booth.

Attendees looking to learn more about the crunchy JAZZ™ apples and slow-to-brown Envy™ apples will also get a chance to hear about the year-round avocado solutions provided by Avoworks and Eco Farms. As the kiwifruit category continues to capture consumers’ fruit baskets, the unforgettable Zespri™ SunGold™ and green kiwifruit can’t be passed up. Berries, citrus, and grapes from the iconic Ocean Spray label will also make an appearance at the booth as Oppy honors 100 years of cherry craftsmanship with Orchard View Cherries.

As part of the item showcase, Oppy’s growing partnerships will be featured at the booth

And that’s only half of the portfolio. Jim tells me that attendees will be welcomed with a bevy of new offerings, including a close-up on its first-ever partnership with UP Vertical Farms.

“The team has really expanded the portfolio! We recently included plums from South Africa, which we were the first to load in 2022 after an either-year hiatus, and we’re looking forward to a successful season two. Additionally, we’ve added two zesty product lines with Spanish garlic and organic Peruvian ginger,” continues Jim. “We’re also really looking forward to finally bringing our partnership with UP Vertical Farms to the market, which lands in stores for the first time this month.”

On top of expanding its portfolio, Oppy has expanded its team too. Curious to know who’s joined the dynamic company? You’ll have to stop by the booth as they look forward to connecting with its retail and foodservice partners.

Attendees will be welcomed with a bevy of offerings, including Oppy's Ocean Spray table grapes

“It’s an incredibly valuable show where opportunities to interact with partners and friends abound,” Jim says. “We’re known as a grower, marketer, and distributor of fresh produce, but we’re also a transporter. Our logistic arm, Oppy Transport, is a part of our package as well when you partner with us, and we offer a wide array of solutions for your supply chain needs.”

Spring is finally here, and excitement is in the air. Don’t forget to check back in as ANUK continues to bring news and industry developments right to your fingertips.