J&J Family of Farms Angela Gamiotea Discusses Florida Bell Pepper Market

Wed. January 30th, 2019
- by Jessica Donnel     

WESTLAKE, FL - Rainy conditions in Florida last weekend may result in a continued tight bell pepper market. The wet weather and higher demand has made for increasing bell pepper prices in recent weeks, shared Angela Gamiotea, Marketing Manager for J&J Family of Farms, but if the current weather remains favorable, the Sunshine State is expected to make short work of evening out the market.

Angela Gamiotea, Marketing Manager, J&J Family of Farms“We are almost at the half way point into the Florida season,” Angela says, giving me a rundown on the latest market conditions. “Overall, bell pepper supply started off low, so this led to a competitive market. The low supply has contributed to selling pepper at higher price points. In terms of the rest of the season, we believe we will have ample plantings, allowing promotable volumes to become available.”

And though overall acreage for bell peppers have been lower this year than years past, Angela tells me, J&J’s has been better off. The Westlake, Florida-based grower tells me outcomes for the 2019 season have surpassed 2018’s numbers, and favorable weather in the region is only improving the current bell pepper crop.

“We have had ideal growing conditions until this past weekend when we experienced rain,” Angela explains. “With the winter being fairly dry, the milder temps have really made quality great. With excellent weather comes high yields, and we expect that to continue. Demand for bell peppers exceeding supply is rare for the time of year, but as we continue our Florida season, we will soon see more volume available and demand will begin to normalize.”

The wet weather and higher demand has made for increasing bell pepper prices in recent weeks

J&J Family of Farms will have the retail buying community’s back as volumes start to become promotable once again, too, Angela says. The company has created pack options for every need.

“We are currently offering various flow pack options to our retailers,” Angela notes. “We have noticed a spike in colored bell pepper demand and items such as rainbow and stop light packs growing in popularity among our customers.”

For more on Florida’s bell pepper season as the crop progresses, AndNowUKnow will continue to get the inside scoop from the experts in the fields!

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