J.R. Simplot's Doug Cole Talks White Russet Potatoes

Thu. November 3rd, 2016 - by Jessica Donnel

ORLANDO, FL - Doug Cole, Director of Marketing and Communications for J.R. Simplot, met with us at the RPE booth at Fresh Summit to share why the company is excited about its White Russet Potato, and why it feels retailers and consumers should be as well.

Doug Cole, Director of Marketing and Communications, J.R. Simplot

“White Russet Potatoes have low bruising and no black spots, and when you cut into them they don’t turn brown. So there’s a significant waste saving for the consumers, and for the retailers it’s really a great thing because there’s less shrink,” Doug says.

Doug further explains that aside from waste savings due to not browning when cut, the potato offers an extra edge in convenience for consumers.

White Russets don’t need to be soaked, saving time in preparation on anything from potato salad, to home fried or sliced potatoes.

White Russets also offer a health twist to consumers, Doug shares. “White Russet Potatoes provide a healthy, sustainable option for consumers. In the next generation they’ll have leaf blight resistance which causes Irish potato famine, so there will be less pesticides applied to these potatoes.”

Want to learn all about it from Doug himself? Watch the full interview in the short video above.

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