Kate Reeb Talks Veg-Fresh Brand Expansion and New Products

Thu. May 5th, 2016
- by Jordan Okumura     

PLEASANTON, CA – As goers of this year’s FPFC could see by the giant truck in the parking lot, Veg-Fresh Farms showed up to the event in a big way, with new products and a new look. So what does all this newness entail? Director of Marketing Kate Reeb took a moment out of the bustling event to tell us about the company’s plans. 

Kate Reeb, Director of Marketing, Veg-Fresh Farms

“Veg-Fresh Farms has been in business for over 27 years,” Kate tells me. “When they moved to the Corona facility it opened up a world of opportunities.”

Opportunities like expanding into two new brands, Crystal Cove Berry Farms and Good Life Organic. But two new brands and expanded focus isn’t all on Veg-Fresh’s plate, as the company also released new products, like the Gems line, and sustainable packaging.

“They are selling way beyond any of our expectations,” says Kate with a smile, as she describes the recycled packaging now utilized by the company.

Want more innovative features and new product announcements from Veg-Fresh Farms? See the exclusive video above… 

Veg-Fresh Farms