Keystone Fruit Marketing Spotlights Eastern Apples; Lisa Fetterhoff Comments

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Fri. September 8th, 2023 - by Chandler James

GREENCASTLE, PA - When you think of fall, what fruit immediately comes to mind? If you didn’t say apples, I’m calling your bluff! Apples are synonymous with the season, and consumers want the best of the best to fill up their carts. Keystone Fruit Marketing, a division of Progressive Produce, partners with growers from Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Michigan, and New England to ensure a wide variety of apples to fulfill customers’ needs.

Lisa Fetterhoff, Director of Operations, Keystone Fruit Marketing“Apples were the first commodity Keystone took to market. And the first grower they worked with, El Vista Orchards in Fairfield, Pennsylvania, is still a grower partner today,” Lisa Fetterhoff, Director of Operations, shared. “We get started every year in August with Ginger Golds, which are quickly followed by Gala, Honeycrisp, and Macs. We also have an ample supply of Red and Gold Delicious, Ambrosia, Romes, Fuji, EverCrisp®, and Pink Lady. Plenty of options for everyone!”

As a press release noted, apples from the East Coast are in high demand throughout the fall season, as well as into the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. They’re also key for promotions during January, when consumers start looking for healthy solutions to kickstart their New Year’s resolutions.

Keystone Fruit Marketing is ensuring a wide variety of East Coast apples to fulfill customers’ needs for the season

Keystone is happy to work alongside retailers to communicate supply for promotions. There will be a peak supply of apples from November through January.

“Retailers should offer their consumers options with bags and loose apples. If space is tight, occasionally switch up the apple varieties to keep things fresh and exciting,” advised Fetterhoff. “Want to boost sales even more? Pair apples with specialty cheeses in the deli department or feature a small apple display near checkout for those looking for a healthy, on-the-go snack! Getting our growers’ apples into our retailer partners’ stores so consumers can enjoy high-quality Eastern Apples is what we love to do.”

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