Leslie Simmons with Dave's Specialty Imports Discusses Foodservice Plans and More

Wed. August 15th, 2018 - by Lillie Apostolos

MONTEREY, CA - Every day is a berry day to me, so I was exceptionally happy to find out that Dave’s Specialty Imports has big plans as it steps further into foodservice.

Leslie Simmons caught me up to speed with Dave’s foodservice ventures, a master plan to get consumers to eat more berries, and what sets the company apart from others.

Leslie Simmons, Vice President, Dave's Specialty Imports“We see a lot of success with retail, but there’s so much to do with foodservice. It’s a way to get our items out there. To really get more consumers interested about berries, get them on the plate,” Leslie explains.

There is always more room to enjoy some delicious berries, Leslie conveys, and to bring the company’s offerings to more consumers, Dave’s has a unique approach that caters to the needs of its customers.

Dave's Specialty has traditionally been a retail supplier, but is focusing more on foodservice to expand

“As a small family business, we have an ability to be very flexible and to offer whatever packaging someone’s looking for,” she continues. “They can really work one-on-one with us to meet whatever needs they have.”

Foodservice offers many opportunities to get Dave's Specialty Imports' berries out into the market and on consumers' plates

For more insights from Leslie and to see how Dave’s is pushing into foodservice, check out the video above.

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