Limoneira Kickstarts Spring Cleaning With Citrus

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Fri. March 29th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SANTA PAULA, CA - While the produce game is going strong these days, it’s still limited by the fact that fruit and veg are generally for eating. But hold the phone, Limoneira Citrus has innovated the citrus category with a brand new campaign touting alternative uses for lemons. The company is encouraging consumers to change the way they think about citrus, and the environment, by using the fruit for cleaning purposes. And what says ‘clean’ more than a fresh, lemon-y scent?

The company’s new suggested uses for its fruits enables consumers to take a step in the green direction, because the humble lemon’s many household applications preclude the need for harsh and environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

Limoneira has enlisted the help of internationally published author, cooking show host, and nutrition expert Megan Roosevelt to spread the word about sustainable cleaning using citrus. She came up with several household uses for lemons that blew my mind.

Some alternative uses for lemons include:

  • Add citrus peel to your garden: Insects dislike the smell, so the peel acts as a natural bug repellent. When the peels decompose, they release nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium into the soil, naturally fertilizing the ground.
  • Use citrus to clean pots and pans: Rub citrus juice and salt into a pot/pan for easy scouring that is non-toxic and natural.
  • Lemons instead of bleach: Hold on to your lemon halves after juicing them to keep your whites, white. Add the lemon halves to a large pot of water and boil. Then throw in your dingy whites, soak overnight, and wash as usual for stunningly bright whites.

The company will be posting tips, tricks, and recipes to its social media channel weekly for consumers who demand more citrus info.

Limoneira recommends rubbing citrus juice and salt into a pot/pan for easy scouring that is non-toxic and natural

Limoneira is dedicated to doing right by the earth, employing many energy-saving and sustainable practices. The company has six solar installations across the company, producing a total 4.2 million KW annually, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, according to a press release. Another solar project is planned, which will add 2.8 million KW for a total of 75 million KW annually. The company also houses a 12-acre green waste facility that processes an average of 1,000 tons of waste each week that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Limoneira has also built a gravity-powered water treatment system—a 24,000-square-foot project, which processes 180,000 gallons of water daily, transforming waste into water that meets California 22 drinking standards.

For more eco-friendly citrus tips, check out the video on the Limoneira channel here.

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