Lisa Davis Talks Upcoming FPFC Expo

Mon. April 18th, 2016 - by ANUK Staff

PLEASANTON, CA - Produce and floral industry professionals throughout the region are gearing up for this year’s annual Northern California Fresh Produce and Floral (FPFC) Expo on April 20, and Edge Sales is no different with expectations and on-trend strategies for this year’s event. Lisa Davis, Director of Business Development at Edge, took the time to discuss the company’s upcoming plans for its clients participating in the event. 

Lisa Davis, Director of Business Development, Edge/CMC Sales and MarketingA successful event requires early planning and careful coordination, Lisa tells me, with budget and booth spaces configured a year prior to the next event. “We have to engage with each of our brands on participating, coordinating product, meetings, set-up and rally the entire Edge team to support,” details Lisa. “We meet several times internally to plan and decorate the Edge Family of brands and how we want to showcase each year.” 

Mann Packing in conjunction with Edge Sales & Marketing, FPFC 2015

This attention to detail extends up to the day prior to the event, when the whole Edge team coalesces and coordinates to gather, store, and set up décor and aesthetics for the actual FPFC show. “It is a team effort to drive the success of the show so suppliers will see a return on investment and want to come back next year,” Lisa says of Edge’s show objective.

Matching this attention to detail from Edge’s standpoint is a push from each supplier to engage the Northern California retailers in attendance. “It is a chance to put their best foot forward and showcase new innovation. This allows the suppliers to have customers taste, feel, and see new products or the introduction to a new brand,” notes Lisa.

RPE in conjunction with Edge Sales & Marketing, FPFC 2015

For this year, Lisa says that Edge Sales matches FPFC 2016’s current theme of Full Speed Ahead in the company’s plans for its own clients, especially following the final settlings over the Albertsons and Safeway acquisition. “We have restructured our company and added significant resources to align with the new and changing retailer environment to create opportunities and drive sales for our clients and customers,” expands Lisa. “We are fully committed to do whatever is necessary to push forward and are poised for tremendous growth.”

Of the event itself, continues Lisa, is a reoccurring uniqueness that is unpredictable in the way it will unfold each year. This uniqueness and alluring innovation is what continues to bring attendees and Edge itself back to the event. That, and the success stories which flourish after FPFC.

Sunkist in conjunction with Edge Sales & Marketing, FPFC 2015

So in the midst of the bustle, glitz, and promotions for this year, what is Lisa looking forward to the most? The lasting dynamic which flourishes between the FPFC retailers and suppliers, and circles around new partnerships and products. This quality time between attendees doesn’t always get to happen outside of the show.

“Sometimes,” finishes Lisa, “the small talk goes a long way.”

AndNowUKnow will continue to cover retailer and supplier updates, and look forward to our coverage of the FPFC event itself!

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