Litehouse's Camille Balfanz Discusses New Products

Tue. November 12th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SANDPOINT, ID - As a trade news writer, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the new and exciting innovations coming down the pipeline. Litehouse, however, is making it easy for us to remember a majority of what’s fresh to the scene this season by unleashing new lines, products, and flavors under its brand. While at PMA Fresh Summit, we got the lowdown on all that Litehouse has up its sleeve to meet consumer demand this holiday season and beyond from its Senior Brand Manager herself, Camille Balfanz.

Camille Balfanz, Senior Brand Manager, Litehouse“This year, we’re launching five flavors of Greek yogurt smoothies,” Camille began to tell us. “It’s a new category to Litehouse. They have no artificial preservatives or dyes. They’re in a convenient 8.5 oz container with one serving in that container, which makes it easy for people on-the-go. And we’re able to pack 13 grams of protein in each container because we’re using that Greek yogurt base.”

Litehouse is diving into a new category with its five-flavored line of yogurt smoothies

With five new flavors to choose from, as a consumer, I couldn’t imagine choosing just one to put in my grocery cart. Camille, however, revealed that her favorite is Peach Mango, which gives me a flavor to start with on my next grocery trip.

Since this is Litehouse we’re talking about, Camille also disclosed the latest details on the brand’s new salad dressing flavors: Dill Ranch and Avocado Ranch. Both are available in Litehouse’s iconic 20 oz squeeze bottle. Camille noted that this line is up almost 50 percent year-over-year, leading the company to be excited to launch some new additions soon.

Litehouse is teaming up with Cosmic Crisp to add a new apple cider flavor to its line

In addition to all of those flavors, Litehouse is adding a new apple flavor to its apple cider line.

“We’re partnering with Cosmic Crisp, the new apple that is coming out of Washington State. This year, we have Cosmic Crisp Apple Cider that we’re excited about and that’s launching in December,” Camille explained. “We already have a Honey Crisp and a Gala apple cider, and those have been really successful. We’re excited to try the Cosmic Crisp.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Camille above to find out more about Litehouse and its portfolio of new products.