LIV Organic Produce Co-Founder Anthony Innocenti Discusses Heightened Demand and Upcoming Volumes

Thu. April 9th, 2020
- by Jordan Okumura     

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA - Timing is essential when it comes to building fresh produce retail programs. In challenging times like these, the timing is now to open up the dialogue with supplier partners and build a blueprint for keeping shelves and produce destinations stocked and plentiful as we move through the spring’s uncertainty and anticipate the road ahead. LIV Organic Produce’s Co-Founder Anthony Innocenti has a keen eye for the market and his finger on the pulse of fruit and veg supplies as we break into the second half of April—and he comes ready to elevate the conversation.

Anthony Innocenti, Co-Founder, LIV Organic Produce“We are currently in the height of harvesting and shipping citrus, potatoes, onions, and hard squash from our growing regions in North America. The market has seen an influx in demand over the last month and as growing regions transition, we are anticipating more consistent supplies for our retail partners in the U.S.,” Anthony tells me. “The benefits of a 52-week supplier partner program is essential within the new normal moving forward, so consider the relationships you build now as an investment in long-term success.”

April and May will mark the launch of LIV Organic’s programs in Mexico and the company will be offering bulk and value-added products to meet the differing needs of buy-side operations.

LIV Organic Produce lays down blueprints for keeping shelves stocked and retail partners in the know on successful programs

“Our retail partners want to keep a consistent flow of product available for their loyal shopper’s and we offer them diligence, quality, and an open line of communication in a market that requires urgency and resourcefulness,” Anthony says.

As we find our footing in this new normal already upon us, business relationships will require more transparency and innovative thought. Companies like LIV Organic Produce are taking up the charge, and with that in mind we can all sleep a little bit better at night. Rest easy, my friends.

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