Live Oak Farms' Briana Giampaoli Highlights Foodservice Jalapeño Pack and More at PMA Foodservice 2021

Wed. August 11th, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

MONTEREY, CA - After getting past the jitters of the first trade show back in person, I took a cruise around the PMA Foodservice floor only to be drawn in by Briana Giampaoli of Marketing and Product Innovation and her infectious enthusiasm for her family’s company, Live Oak Farms. Foodservice buyers, let me tell you, the growers’ offerings do not disappoint! Looking to spice up menus everywhere, I spoke with Briana about the company’s wide variety of products ranging from Jalapeños to Roma tomatoes.

Briana Giampaoli, Marketing and Product Innovation, Live Oak Farms“We’re really wanting to highlight our foodservice Jalapeños, California-grown. We really feel like we stand out in this area because it’s a great variety, mild in heat, really larger, and just has really good walls,” Briana tells me. “And of course, our bread and butter, we have our Roma tomatoes, our rounds. And we have our green and red bell peppers as well.”

Looking at the bright array of produce surrounding her, it’s not hard to see what Briana is talking about. With almost a century in the fresh produce industry, Live Oak Farms puts its all into everything it grows, giving its customers high-quality offerings that they can spotlight as main ingredients in menu items or incorporate in recipes to add a little extra zest.

Those walking the PMA Foodservice show floor had the chance to explore Live Oak Farms's top-notch jalapeños and Roma tomatoes

“My family has been growing produce for the U.S. and Canada for the last 92 years now, and we really enjoy what we do and we’re really happy to be here,” Briana says.

For more details about Live Oak Farms, be sure to watch our video exclusive above.

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