London Fruit's Jerry Garcia Sr. and Kalani Jaime Discuss Early Start to Yellow Mangos

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Fri. January 27th, 2017 - by Laura Hillen

PHARR, TX – As consumers look to spice up their winter tables with an assortment of high-quality fresh produce, London Fruit may have just the solution with its latest harvests of avocados, limes, and mangos.

As Project Manager Kalani Jaime recently told me, the company is supplementing its year-round supply of avocados and limes with an early start to its mango program.

Kalani Jaime, Project Manager, London Fruit“Our upcoming mango season looks to be excellent this year,” Kalani tells me of the company’s selections. “Our mango program will start with Ataulfos and Hadens, and then move to Tommy’s, Kents, and Keitts.”

London Fruit is currently shipping all of its product from Mexico. Kalani says the company is expecting Ataulfos to become available at the end of the month, while Hadens are set start in mid-February, hitting peak volumes in March. Tommy and Haden varieties will be available through July, Kents and Ataulfos through August, and Keitts through to September.

Jerry Garcia, Sr., Vice President and Sales Manager, London Fruit“We’re very excited about the early start to our mango season, and the crops look to have a very strong start,” adds Jerry Garcia, Sr., Vice President and Sales Manager. “Our customers are all looking forward to the season as well, as Mexican varieties of mangos are the perfect supplement to a year-round season.”

Jerry Garcia and Kalani Jaime showcasing their mangos and avocados at PMA 2016

As part of its value-added services, London Fruit also repacks its products in a retail style package that tailors best to their customers needs. The company can pack its selections in clamshells, bags, or any other specialty packs to ensure that all the fruit receives a quality pack for both London Fruit customers and the end consumer.

“Along with our new ‘splash’ look across all of our fruit packages, this year we will also be introducing a yellow mango brand carton specifically for our sought-after Ataulfo variety,” Jerry tells me.

London Fruit offers its avocados and limes year-round to keep retailers shelves flush with high-quality offerings from Mexico. Kalani says that despite slight breaks in avocado availability, both avocados and limes will be in steady supply for the coming months.

As London Fruit continues to move through the current season and supply its customers with fruit to fill their needs, count on AndNowUKnow for the latest in winter and spring updates.

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