Mary Heslep, Alex Jackson, and Brenda Briggs Reflect on 2023 With an Eye on 2024 Potential

Mon. December 11th, 2023 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

UNITED STATES - As the year cycles to a close and we step through the 2023 threshold into 2024, December provides the perfect opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate our goals and plant the seeds of our predictions.

What's to come in the world of fresh produce marketing in 2024? Industry members talk about everything from shortened attention spans to the importance of authenticity

With such a task at hand, I connected with some of our friends to see what firmed up for them this year and what the horizon line may yet reveal in 2024.

Mary Heslep, Senior Vice President, Ten Acre Marketing

Mary Heslep, Senior Vice President, Ten Acre Marketing“This past year was a tremendous year of growth and opportunity for Ten Acre Marketing as we positioned brands to advance agriculture. Looking ahead into 2024, new technologies will allow produce brands to reach buyers and consumers in new, measurable, and impactful ways.

Attention spans are at an all-time low, limiting brands to less than two seconds to capture attention. Brands will be faced with new challenges in reaching audiences and breaking through the noise. Marketing will be a strong strategic partner in 2024, helping brands adopt new tactics when their traditional attempts stop working.”

Alex Jackson, Vice President of Sales and Procurement, Frieda’s Branded Produce

Alex Jackson, Vice President of Sales and Procurement, Frieda's Branded Produce“2023 was a year of transition. Our industry transitioned into a new era of what post-pandemic ‘normalcy’ will look like for produce. Consumers are being presented with new ways to learn about their food, forcing our industry to truly transition how we market to them. And Frieda’s transitioned ownership.

What these transitions bring for 2024 is the opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves. Our industry will inch closer to the consumer so that consumers see and hear produce in traditional media, cutting through the junk food noise. I predict old-school produce traditions will continue to be put into question, forcing authenticity across our industry. And I predict that Frieda’s will do more of what we do best to bring success to growers, retailers, and consumers so we can increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Brenda Briggs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rice Fruit Company

Brenda Briggs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rice Fruit Company“Drawing from our insights in 2023, we've learned that longevity is the key to success. After marking our 110th anniversary, we remain committed to the enduring values that have shaped our journey and the ones that will propel us into the next decade.

In a landscape often swayed by quick trends or viral moments, we plan to focus on lasting success, which depends on adaptability and innovation. With a dynamic omnichannel environment and shifts in consumer purchasing preferences, we pledge to evolve strategically, ensuring the sustained excellence that defines Rice Fruit Company.”

As we count down the days in 2023, please keep an eye out for more of what our friends predict will impact 2024, with a deep appreciation for what has been.

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