Mike Hacker From Fowler Farms Discusses New Packaging

Thu. March 19th, 2020 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

WOLCOTT, NY - Beautiful Honeycrisp apples inarguably speak for themselves in the produce department, but a little bit of sparkly packaging never hurt anybody! That’s the philosophy over at Fowler Farms, where the stand-out Honeycrisp apple just gained a stunning new box to help them shine.

David Hacker, Sales Representative, Fowler Farms“We have a new Honeycrisp box coming out to match our high-quality Honeycrisp apples that we grew up on along the Lake Ontario shoreline,” said Mike Hacker, Sales Representative, to me in our exclusive ANUK video. “Up there, we get some really high-color apples and some great flavor, and now we have a great, high-graphic box to go with it. We’re excited about the new box because we grow an amazing flavored Honeycrisp because of the glacier soil from Lake Ontario.”

Fowler Farms just debuted new stunning packaging for the Honeycrisp apple in the form of a high-graphic box

The new box will be ready later this month and is hitting shelves this year. Mike went on to describe another recent experiment over at Fowler. The grower has tested different reflective materials on the ground in order to infuse its apples with more vibrant color.

In addition to a snazzy new box, the grower let us in on a fantastic cross-merchandising opportunity.

Fowler Farms' new Honeycrisp box will be ready later this month and is hitting shelves this year

“We have a single-variety Honeycrisp cider that’s great to merchandise with [the apples], so people will grab the cider and the apples and increase your average ticket,” Mike concluded.

Here’s to the beautiful packaging and product innovations that continue to make our fresh produce shine! For more exclusive interviews like this, keep checking in with us at AndNowUKnow.

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